About Our Company

We help homeowners just like you all across the country sell property that you no longer want to deal with. Let us handle everything so you and your family can start fresh without the burden of selling your home the traditional way.

HomeBeacon’s Story

This isn’t just a transaction to us, it’s a relationship!

We’re Ronell and Ronaldo Stewart. Yes, we’re investors that run an investment company but we’re human first. Back in 2008, our family found ourselves in a great amount of financial uncertainty. Like many American families, we ended up losing our home due to foreclosure.

Fast forward several years later, we acquired the knowledge and skills to help families that were once in our situation through creative real estate solutions. We never intended to be doing what our company does now but we’re grateful and honored, to be able to help the families we do.

– Stewart Brothers

The Real Difference With HomeBeacon

Traditional Sale

 SOLD with HomeBeacon

Commission & Fees you pay:

6% - Paid by you, the seller


Who pays closing costs?:

2% - Paid by you, the seller

NONE - Our investors pay

Who pays for repairs?:


NONE - We buy As-Is

Days on the market:

10 to +90 days - If in good condition


Number of showings:

20-25 - National average

1 - Usually virtually

Mortgage Financing:

Yes - Sale often subject to lender approval

NONE – We make cash offers

Closing Date:

30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer


We’re a house buying company, known for Win-Win outcomes. We understand, above all else, no homeowner is going to accept a low-ball offer. And since we make our profit by buying, renovating, and selling properties, our first and most important objective is to make you the highest Cash Offer we possibly can, so that you will accept our offer!