holding a St. Joseph statue

Selling a House with St. Joseph in NJ: A Guide to Using a Religious Symbol to Help Sell Your Home

Selling a house is always a difficult process, but it can be even more challenging if you are having trouble getting potential buyers to even look at your property.

One way to increase interest in your home is to use a religious symbol to help sell it.

In this post, we will discuss the history of St. Joseph and how you can use his power to help sell your home in New Jersey!

Who is Saint Joseph?

St. Joseph is the patron saint of real estate, so it’s no surprise that many people turn to him when they’re trying to buy or sell a home.

There are a few different stories about why St. Joseph is associated with real estate, but the most popular one is that he was a carpenter who helped to build Jesus’ childhood home.

In addition, St. Joseph is also known for being a foster father to Jesus and for being a man of great faith. Because of these stories, many people believe that St. Joseph can help them to achieve their real estate goals.

To ask for St. Joseph’s assistance, some people bury a statue of him on their property or carry a medal with his image on it. Others simply say a prayer asking for his intercession.

holding a St. Joseph statue

What is a St Joseph statue?

A St. Joseph statue is a small statue of Saint Joseph, typically 3.5 to 4 inches tall, that is buried in the ground upside down near the For Sale sign of a house.

The practice is said to originate from Europe, where it was believed that Saint Joseph, the patron saint of both carpenters and families, could intercede on behalf of those selling their homes and help them to find a buyer quickly.

Today, many people who are trying to sell their homes will bury a St. Joseph statue in their yard as a way to invoke his assistance. While there is no guarantee that this will result in a quick sale, it certainly can’t hurt!

How To Bury A St. Joseph Statue To Sell Your House

Selling a house can be a stressful process, but there are ways to make it go more smoothly. One popular method is to bury a St. Joseph statue in the front yard. Supposedly, this will help to sell the house more quickly and for a higher price. But how does one go about burying a St. Joseph statue?

First, you’ll need to purchase a statue of St. Joseph. These can be found at many religious supply stores or online.

Once you have your statue, you’ll need to prepare it for burial. Many people like to bless the statue with holy water before burial, but this is not required.

When the statue is ready, you can choose a spot in the front yard and bury it upside down with the head facing the house. Some people like to bury it near the “For Sale” sign, while others prefer to bury it near the front door.

Wherever you choose to bury it, make sure that the statue is completely covered with dirt so that no part of it is visible.

Final Thoughts

Selling a house is never an easy task, but you can increase your chances of success by using a religious symbol like St. Joseph. Bury a statue of him in your front yard and say a prayer asking for his intercession. While there’s no guarantee that this will sell your house, it certainly can’t hurt!

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